Ilaria Picchetti

I thank you and the life for this gift which is the Trust Technique! It has helped me and my animals so much!! I started to get so relaxed only by watching the videos with the calm, warm and clear explanations and smooth music 🙂 it is sooo incredible to realize that all my life I was thinking and not being present, what a great difference has made for me to be more present!! As I started the course I adopted a wild cat and we practiced together the TT and we are so tied up by friendship now, it is a wonderful feeling and experice to share!! It is also a priviledge to try the TT with my horses, it has changed a lot lot lot of our daily routine and work together!! I’m amazed by the power of healing that the TT has for us and for the animals 🙂 I shared my enthousiasm for the TT with many friends that are now taking the course our willing to 🙂 I thank you for all this work, the videos and explanations that make it perfect for me to be calm and learn quickly 😉 it is the first time that i learn with such a great plesure and effectiveness (i have quite a long experience from school to university...), so thank you once again for this incredible opportunity!! Warmth regards, Ilaria