Jane Hopper

This is a beautiful and inspiring course, which has come in a pivotal time in my life where I am looking to change my career to be able to work with animals after a long career in the performing arts. This move was inspired by Didrik my rescue dog from Russia who joined my family of (animals) the summer of 2020. He was a fearful puppy to the extent that if a person was coming down the road towards us he jumped into the nearest ditch or bush shivering all over his body and all I could do was to sit patiently, perhaps also mindfully, sometimes for an hour before he would dare to come out. Learning from him a watching him grow in confidence has been an honour. I truly resonate with the trust technique from my own learning trajectory with Didrik and my dream would be to become a practitioner so I can help humans help their animals. Looking forward to the journey ahead with patience, trust and a peaceful mind. Thank you so much, James and Shelley