Janet Street

The Trust Technique is a life-changing experience. After watching Messages of Trust, I enrolled in the Trust Technique Video Course and began working with my very sensitive German Shepherd, Westley. I was expecting it to take some time to learn, and it was amazing to see Westley react so quickly and powerfully on the first day working with him to reduce his thinking and be peaceful. That was a momentous day, with much healing. With each day, he is calmer, more peaceful, more confident, more trusting, more relaxed, and happier. I've completely changed my awareness of my own anxiety level, and now know how to easily reset my peace of mind throughout the day. My main reason for enrolling in the course was to address Westley's reactivity and fear aggression at the vet. With the COVID situation, it's been even more challenging, since people aren't allowed to go into the vet clinic with their animals. With the four P's in mind; Purpose, Peace, Patience and Persistence, I'm sure that Westley can learn to be peaceful when he goes to the vet. Westley is a good teacher, and I think after doing this work with him, I want to become a practitioner and help other animals (and their people) with the Trust technique.