Joy de Pominville

I am going through the course a 2 nd time. I was completely mesmerized and blown away the first time and stayed up late many nights watching the videos. This 2nd time is helping me reinforce many of the details and content and fine tuning some points for me. I don't have horses of my own, but have volunteered for 4 yrs at a rescue, in between traveling in Europe and the UK for a year at a time. I have used the trust technique not only on horses, but cows, sheep, goats, birds, dogs, cats and the best part was with myself to be peaceful when my monkey mind would begin to go sideways. It has helped me with my energy work with people as well. I am deeply grateful for James and Shelley for sharing their gifts with the world and esp. the animals. The world is in a better state because of your efforts. Mille grazie, hvala lepa, muchos gracias, arigato, danke shoen, dank je, obrigado, multimesc, THANK YOU!