Bless you James French and Shelley. WOW. I am so grateful to have found your training, and I don’t know how I did find you quite a few years ago. This program Trust-Technique is by far the most beautiful study of animal nature I have ever had the pleasure to being exposed to anywhere In the world. As a Animal Reiki practitioner here in the United States,, I am familiar with some of this content, but still learned so many important lessons about being present and so much more that is helping me in my personal life and in my professional animal healing life. PLEASE share with EVERYONE you know that has animal companions or loves animals as part of their personal humanity. You will NOT be sorry, and dear James French, you are the most compassionate, loving, and peaceful human being I have ever had the pleasure to “witness”. Bless you for all you do to educate all of us to take better care of our sentient friends who teach us all about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.