Katerina Kasova

Absolutely amazing experience! So happy I attended the event! It's a total game-changer in animal/human relationship and interaction. I'm deeply in love with Trust technique and all that James and Shelley do for both animals and humans. Their work is based on universal principles that are both simple and at the same time so profoundly healing, uplifting and life-changing (and I believe life-saving as well). Having a chance to see and participate in the practical part in the afternoon was such an honor and inspiration! James and Shelley are a blessing for us all! They show us true potential of a human/animal relationship, so pure and loving, one that most of us would never imagine possible... And the best part is that it's so simple. We're all longing for peace of mind, feeling of safety and trust, no matter if you're a person, a horse, dog, cat, or any other living being... We're all ONE and sharing peace & present moment is one of the most precious, healing and uplifting experiences we can offer each other. If there is one thing you can do for yourself - watch the videos on Trust Technique or go & take part in one of the I Have A Dream Days. Give yourself a chance to learn more about trust, peace of mind and true unconditional love, as it will be a great benefit for you no matter if you have a pet or not :-). Big love to James and Shelley. And lots of success and joy in what you do! PS: I'm already taking the video course and thoroughly enjoying it! 🙂