Dear James, dear Shelley, thank you so much for your efforts to teach and clarify this most important message Trust is everything. Yes, yes, yes, again and again, I love my horse as I can beginn every time anew to go into this feeling of trust and act out of this feeling. Yes, and with humans also, Trust is everything. They do not forgive as easily as my horse does. Therefore I need to see my horse and revive my feeling of trust and how it feels acting out of trust. It is so delicious and rewarding, may the horses again be a help for mankind, this time to enjoy in peace. Thank you for all those videos which help me to come into a state of awe and love not only because the animals I see but also I see you and Shelley working continuously in such a high level of compassion and explaining every phase of development so clearly. It is really very much empowering, really awesome. Beyond words I send you light and love from my grateful heart. Thank you