Kay Irvine

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I spent my first 50 years as an oversensitive, overthinking, hyperactive person trying to make sense of and cope with an unsafe world. I became a workaholic and people-pleaser with no discernment or boundaries. At 50 I burnt out and triggered terminal cancer. This was far less stressful and more of an adventure for me as I had to be fully present in order to survive. Strangely, peace of mind came with imminent death. I survived. Once I was no longer fighting for my life the old over-thinking came back. My first horse, an ex racer mare was like me under pressure - high energy and fearful. We triggered each other off but I learned to be more present. My next horse is the opposite - laid back, slow but very opinionated. The other part of my personality. Sometimes we are one. Sometimes he's awkward and due my illness and weakness, I got frustrated. I am known as the laid back rider (bitless, shoeless, western etc) Horse Whisperer, yet I am the only person who swears at my horse sometimes when he won't pick his feet up! Lack of consistency is my main problem in life as well as with my horse. Your videos have taken away the blame and helped me understand how right we get it some days and how it is just overthinking on both our parts that is causing the misunderstandings and lack of trust on the days when it doesn't go well. It's my job to lower my thinking in order to help him. Today I will go and sit with my horse, be present and listen rather than try to do something with him. He is incredibly expressive and I haven't been the best listener...yet! Love and light Kay x