Thank you so much!! I started the course to connect deeper with my animals. I thought I'd look it over for a bit and quickly found myself not being able to stop moving through it. I wanted to know more and more. I have been looking for that presence of peace in my life for a very long time. Sometimes I'll find it, but usually can't hold on to it. I feel like I know it was my constant thinking that has been truly controlling my life, but i've never understood how to stop it. What a mess! Your course is profound, necessary, and enlightening. I have found more peace and held it longer in the past two days learning from your course, than I have from all the other practices, modalities and teachers in my life. I didn't realize a course to help animals would be the one I've been waiting for to help heal myself. Finding the present moment and holding the peace which lives within that moment, really is as simple as it can be when you don't overthink it, and you have given me a real practical exercise to guide me. I can't thank you enough for sharing your beautiful gift with the world. I can't wait to keep going. ­čÖé My heart is so full of love, joy and healing, what a difference this is already making. With deep gratitude, Kim