Linda Jann

Trust Technique
I am happy, that I found the way to you, or maybe it founds me. It is so beautiful to see what relationship and connection you James have with the anmimals, and also with the human. The way you teach the animals with their friends is so lovely. It is touching my heard. For me it was always so that the animals are also beings with awareness, feelings, emotions and their own opinion about their live. To see how many people follow this course and share the way being with the animals heal so much. You teach a such simple way to be peaceful to slow down and to geht in connection with everything. It was always difficult for me to meditate. But like this it is a liberation of all the constructions. Every day I take time for the present moment, on the walk with the dog, when I am waiting for something..... The video course is well done, with theory teachings and the practical videos. I can follow very well becouse you speak en english clearly and slowly. So I improve also my english knowledge. Thank you James and Shelley for sharing this with the world, it is a greate gift. Sorry for the mistakes.

Trust Technique Lifetime Video Course