I had the opportunity to attend the in person teaching of I have a Dream Day with James and Shelley. Our group was so fortunate to have been hosted at the Magic Horse Garden in Pitt Meadows BC, with our gracious hostess Carolyn. In May of 2017 I signed up for the Lifetime Video Course and later for the ACT 1 CD set. These videos and CD’s are a tremendous learning tool. I can watch them time and again and pick up more information each time. They have helped me connect more and more with my dogs and have become a benefit to myself in my everyday life. If you do get a chance to attend I have a Dream Day workshop please take that opportunity you will not be disappointed. Both James and Shelley work so hard not only for the animals but also for the attendees of the workshops. During the workshop breaks James was only too happy to answer any questions someone may have had in regard to their own personal pets. It was a long day filled with learning and practice of the Trust Technique; I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this whole experience and would attend again and again. James and Shelly also offer a Practitioner Course, which was mentioned at the end of the day for anyone that would be interested going further into the Trust Technique (i.e., having your own business helping animals after you have graduated from the course). Not once was there any pressure to go that route, as they understand not everyone is meant to be a Practitioner. I closing I would like to say Thank you to James, Shelley and our hostess Carolyn. Sincerely