Lisa Spitzer

I can't tell you how grateful I am that the Trust Technique exists and that I have found it! It has changed my life. Once again, so much better. It has opened my eyes once again to many things. For me it is no longer a technique. For me it is a way of life. And I live it with my animals. A month before I discovered TT, a new horse came into my life. He was traumatised. He no longer trusted humans. And with the TT he has regained his trust and now likes his people again. And he can now enjoy a nice, relaxed life. He has noticed that we listen to him and work at his pace. And many of his traumas have already been dealt with. I can only recommend it to every animal person. Oh no! To every human being! The Trust Technique is simply great! And instructive! Thank you James and Shelley! For everything you do for the animals and us humans!