Louise Vodi

After stumbling onto a James French video I was intrigued with the way animals were responding to him so I decided to view the messages of trust. I own a rescued Dutch Herder with self mutilation issues, a Beagle with a phobia of people and a Staffie that lived in a shed for many years, also with a phobia towards strangers. I have a biological background and have studied animal behaviour at various universities in the UK and NZ. I have spent the last ten year training dogs using positive reinforcement techniques and BAT techniques. These messages of trust almost feel like a next step in my learning not only for my animals but also for myself. The content in the messages is clear and concise. James' voice is so soothing that whilst watching the first message about thinking levels my Dutch Herder - Daisy actually stopped spinning and lay next to me. It was a lovely thing to see. I am hoping that the videos I have just signed up for will be equally rewarding for both myself, my dogs and all future dogs that I rescue. I thoroughly recommend these messages to anyone who wants to help their animals and build a beautiful mental connection.