Maria Perri

I am a human Chiropractor for 36 years and own a Wellness Center for the last 20 years in upstate New York. I have had lifetimes of healing modalities, meditation and Yoga. Words can not begin to describle how inspired and deeply moved I am by the simplicity and profound effectiveness of the Trust Technique. I happened upon it when viewing a documentary on the Beautiful Jim Key and it could not have come at a better time. I had been highly stressed with my 92 year old mom's progressing dementia and have found the TT of Becoming Present and inviting her to join me in being peaceful has been transformative for both of us. I have a deep sense that every caregiver of animals and humans would benefit from this learning. From my truest place of love and gratitude - I thank you James. Maria PS My dear sweet horse Raven who has been taking on a lot of responsibility for me is also greatly relieved.