I have been using the trust technique with the four cats and twelve goats of my landlady. The cats have become very trusting and I have become close friends with one of them, the mother of the other three. In the beginning, she was very jumpy and would attack me if I touched her tail or other sensitive areas of her body. This behaviour has completely disappeared and she is very trusting by now, lying on my chest with her face next to my face, purring like a small engine and eating out of my plate, if she gets a chance. With the goats, I used the trust technique on several occasions, for instance when the young billy goat got castrated and was in great pain for over a week I used reiki and got present with him. I used it with the female goats during their pregnancies/deliveries and with the 7 baby goats to put them all to sleep. It was all very touching, as they would climb all over me and fall asleep on my lap as small children would. The trust I could build with all of them really helps also in everyday situations, when an animal gets stuck somewhere and I need to help to free them, they know that I'm here to help and won't hurt them. All of the goats are very tender and love being groomed or cuddled and they show exactly where they want to be petted and scratched. Unfortunately, my landlady brought the five male baby goats to the butcher before they were coming of age. This was rather heartbreaking for me and I told her that I don't want to be part of that in any way.