I continue to be overwhelmed with awe at the depth and healing potential of this work and the inspired insight of James French. I truly feel it is a genuine light in our world and awakens the spirit of cpmpassion and connection which is so needed now, Dare I say, it could save us all. The animals have such innate wisdom to teach us if only we have ears to hear and eyes to see. In the video course I am learning that miracles happen in evertday lives and that this peace can be taught and shared between humans and withanimals . I am eternally grateful to have discovered this as it has fullfilled a longing I have had in my heart for as long as I can remember and almost stopped believing in. There is so much amazing content in the videos, tutorials and exercises which are literally changing and healing my life and expanding my sense of faith and hope in a saner and gentler world. Thank you James and thank you, Shelley for all your hard work and committment to share this work andmake this form of transformation possible for us all. I can't think of anything more valuable I would want to support or be a part of. Thank you!!