Maude Star

The Trust Technique is what I have been looking for, for so long - it is the missing link! For ourselves and our relationship with our animals, but also our relationship with each other and the world in general. I have come to really see the intelligence of my animals, and to learn to trust their intelligence and let go of my preconceptions about their behaviour. A whole new world has opened up where we learn and work together, where they show me stuff and communicate with me. I am full of appreciation for them, and for their willingness to meet me - they have waited patiently for years. It affirms what I knew as a child; that animals are not ‘just animals’; that we can connect with them and it is AWESOME. I feel so thankful to have been brought to this work. It has benefitted me in so many ways, not just in my relationships with animals but in my whole life. It’s a game changer. Thankyou James and Shelley!