Merle Donofrio

Hello, this video-course, in my eyes, is phenomenal! From its content it shows a way of what is possible in the relationship between humans and animals. The structure, that leads through the course, is build up in a heplful organized way. The recommands of James French have been clear and understandable for me. I adore with how much tenderness and warmth both, James French and Shelly Slingo, show that there is a huge amount of pleasant progress possible by finding peace! By following the single steps of this technique I found out, that it also works with my dog and me, which astonishs me again and again, because the results are perceptible and noticeable within a few minutes! James French explains the various steps well and he shows transparently, for example, when it is the correct time to start, to continue or to stop the different instructions. This kind of work touched my heart deeply! Thanks a lot for your incredible dedication and for sharing! Warmth, Merle D´Onofrio