You should get the Nobel Peace Prize ... In fact, this has been already suggested in another testimonial, but that's also exactly what I kept thinking throughout the course. With the "Trust Technique" you, James and Shelley (in cooperation with Sunday, if I got it right 😉) have created something unique - a peace-making method that is easily accessible to everyone in its clarity and ease. For the good of all of us and our animals, I hope that more and more people will find and follow this path that you have opened up. It has taken me to more than a few tears, moments of despair and deep sadness, then on to astonishment, surprise, new insights, relief and finally lasting deep peace and silent joy, which I’m now able to pass on step by step to my sensitive lovely little mare. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do! Thank you for your heart and commitment! And thank you and the whole team for all the support and the wonderful videos!