Michelle Murphy

I took part in tht TT weekend recently (30th- 31st of May 2014) it was the most amazing experience I've ever had and it's incredibly difficult to find the right words to sum up the experience. It was great to get in touch with animals in such a tranquil place and I loved that the trust technique is about slowing down and getting present so as the animal feels comfortable in human company. I am a recent vet nursing grad and will definitely be using this technique to help reduce stress for the animals which will further help their recovery. The weekend also worked on using the technique for ourselves also and it was quite an amazing experience and impowering to be able to quieten any negative thoughts that I had. I will continue to use this for myself and animals as it so worthwhile for us all! A huge thank you to James and Shelly for sharing their knowledge and passion in such a gentle, warm and caring way. I'm so happy there are people out there trying to bring balance back to the human animal bond. A huge thanks to all the horses of course too : ) especially Fred, Snoop and Timmy. I miss everyone already! I highly recommend this experience , it will be one to remember!