Monica Anderson

I am grateful for the clarity and softness with which James shares the Message of Trust information. It is a beautiful introduction into the following Trust Technique courses of study; and it is a testament to how the practice works-- I could feel the technique working its magic on me as I listened to and watched the video , fully enveloped in a calm state of trust and listening. As an empath, I have built trust in this way by showing up present with animals and in my Intuitive Source & Sound Healing practice with people. What a gift we offer to ourselves and the world of living beings, by creating a safe feeling space for all to BE as they are. I will continue with the progressive courses to support James & Shelley in their generous efforts to help humanity 'remember' our innate ability to be present. In doing so, I will also hone my skills to walk in presence. Thank you for making this information affordable and accessible. Well done 😉