The Trust Technique is the most beautiful and fulfilling Way of being together with and teaching Animals I have ever come to know. I am so grateful that you,James and Shelly, made it possible that we all can learn and benefit from your truly wonderful work. It is so full with Joy and Love, it is fair and peaceful and just everything i was looking for❤️Thanks to my lovely Dog Fina i found you and the Trust Technique. We still have some Issues to solve, she came to me with a huge Bundle of it and some of them we even share ???? So we both can heal and trust in Life again. Also my Pony's love those Sessions with me, now it is not only treats and food that make me interesting for them but even more so the peace of Mind we share. The Trust Technique has changed my view upon life and it is clear to me that i want to stay on this path. If i fulfill the requirements I would love to enrol in the Trust Technique Practitioner Course. What could be better and more fulfilling than help the Animals and their humans? Bless you all, Peace and Love shall be with you❤️