Hello there, as I am working with the Masterson Method we got taught to pay close attention to what the horse has to say to our doing. We have been asked to trust in our instinct and gut feelings and overtime the horses body language guided me most times through the session. I learned with each horse how to communicate and what was important to them and that each of one of them were checking how much you pay attention to them. But when I got into a deeper stage with them I was lost, I did know not to interrupt them in their process and this could go on for sometimes more then 30 min. ( This blow my bodywork session most of the time) I just knew it was good for the horse to let him sort it and wait until he comes out again. But in this times I was in a grey zone of not know what I really was doing because that was not masterson anymore. So I kept searching and the media of the internet and its algorithm guided me to TT. Or you could say TT found me. I did become a member of the TT video course and as I got along with the Course I knew I had to learn and understand it more to get a deeper understanding of the present moment and how to deliver a feeling without talking and much thinking. The wonderful thing on TT is you can use it on "any living creature" and it works. NicoLe