nicole andress

Hi James, I have been practising the present moment for a week now , and decided to share with the herd of horses while standing in one paddock.
It is a wonderful experience at different levels, I am becoming more open to their reality , instead of projecting with my mind.They are relaxing more day after day, last time 4 of them layed down next to me.
I am more aware of their individual pace , as they don't react differently at different times, and I am becoming more receptive to their specific need of release.
I had a very special experience with my own mare who went into deep relaxation with rolling of her eyes and twitching of her legs.
My intuition told me she was releasing the tension in our relationship caused by my mind when I connect with her.
Great teaching and healing for both of us, the opportunity to open a deeper level of trust between us!
The teaching of the videos and tutorials are great , I am making my way step by step now in the section 3.
Thank you so much...