Petra Jeffrey-Hofman

I took part in the Trust Technique weekend on 6 and 7 September this year. and in many ways it felt like coming home. I have studied the work of and have met several animal communicators, healers and 'whisperers' over the past 20 years, but James French beats them all. Not only is the trust technique incredibly powerful, works on humans as well animals, but it is also beautifully simple. You do not need special equipment, round pens or 'magical' gifts. All you need to do is to be present. This can be learned by anybody and it can be applied anywhere, at any time. As a volunteer at Mane Chance Horse Sanctuary, I have seen first hand how extremely traumatised horses can be turned round into happy, relaxed and trusting animals using the trust technique. I myself have started using the trust technique with my own animals at home, but I have also started applying it at work, in my class of 13 junior school children with special educational needs. When we all get present, a wonderful sense of calm and peace settles over the room. My assistants and I also use the technique to support children who are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or who have just had a tantrum or other major upset. Especially those children who have limited speech or are emotionally fragile, are able to release a lot of tension with the trust technique and will often sigh and yawn before they settle back down to work again. Wouldn't it be great if every teacher in the land could learn the trust technique?