In deep and ongoing gratitude to James, Shelley and the Trust technique team. From the first time I saw the team at The Donkey Sanctuary to today and onwards it has made gentle yet powerful changes to my own everyday life aswell as that of my animal friends. I hadn't realised that I've been searching for this for 30 years since leaving the Equine industry, The most obvious benefit so far is that my cat no longer bites me, albeit gently, to communicate with me as he no longer has to have that level of frustration and is altogether very calm as remarked upon by the vet only this week when he cooperatively sat on the scales when she indicated them! However my favourite ongoing changes are being made by me in response to the techniques when used for people. The delivery via video course in small easy to follow sections works incredibly well and browsing the sections surprisingly seemed to show often an issue in my own life an animal was helped with. The support of the forums and truly welcoming and friendly participants also enhances the learning experience. I'm greatly looking forward to continued experience and hopefully becoming the dream .