Rob Sheplee

I have had the pleasure to interact with rescue horses at This Old Horse for about 6 months. I did not understand at the time why I could settle a horse down by connecting to the ground as my wife explained to do. I started this program and watched the videos James has so eloquently put together. At first I wondered if I was doing the TT correctly. As I went further along James demonstrated and explained that I was doing it right by being in the moment and being patient. I have learned more how to read the horses better and not to give them more then they can handle. The further along I move in this program the more at ease and patient I become. My wife is amazed at the changes in our Boxers and how relaxed they have become. I appreciate the calmness that James exhibits and his demonstrations. I am looking forwards to visiting James to learn more and become a practitioner . There is so much that people and the animals can experience that they are now aware of. Thanks for your time in putting this amazing program together James. You have me smiling one moment and tears the next!