Rolando Rodriguez

James, you are right about this being the future for animal communication and training. It's difficult to imagine any other way, after seeing how efficient the Trust Technique is for communicating with animals. After Trying it with my animals and seeing how well they respond to it, I realise that any change has to be done at the animal's pace. For example, my dogs are very sensitive to having anything done to their paws and ears. However, by using Mindful Regard I was allowed to touch all paws and ears. That is a great start for them. Like many other dog trainers, I have always had a thing for animals, particularly dogs. Some people call it an affinity, but no one really knows what the thing is. However, you've come along and took this thing and explored it; researched it; tested it; applied it and most importantly, gave the thing a name: The Trust Technique. Well done! I am definitely looking forward to being a practitioner.