I participated as a test subject with a trust technique student in Australia earlier in the year. The student was in need of volunteers for the equine component of her studies. My old pony and I got a lot from the experience but it was always interesting to me that on both visits my young unstarted horse would stand nearby and watch avidly and then “release and release and release”, even though she wasn’t the test subject! I then went on to watch James’ in-depth explanation of the messages of trust. I now feel a whole lot more responsible for being attune to my own “agenda”, whatever it is, and to go forth calmly and openly and treat all sentient beings with compassion and care. My young horse that is about to be “started” as a riding horse and I now look forward to developing a much deeper relationship with her where I am thoughtful as to her own wants and desires as we progress our partnership, where she can actively guide me as I can guide her. I am very excited about our future 🙂