I have loved horses all my life. I did not have my own horse until I was 19 but I would jump at the chance to be with anyone's horse if they would let me. I loved every horse movie and read every book I could about horses and about adventures with horses. After many many years, my husband and I have horses of our own, on our own horse property, a fulfillment of a dream. Although I have come off lots of horses over my life, it wasn't until 6 years ago that I suddenly became really afraid of getting hurt and almost gave up on having a relationship with horses. The gift of this event is that I started seeking a new relationship with horses. I hungered for a way to create an authentic partnership and to understand them, to hear what the horses have been saying to me forever. After a personal disappointment, another gift presented itself as, I found James French and the Trust Technique. I bought the messages of Trust and wept through every video, knowing that I had found someone who could help me listen and speak with my horses in the way that I had always longed for. The powerful Messages of Trust only whet my appetite and I purchased the Trust Technique Course and began to practice the Trust Technique with my dog and my two horses. It has changed everything with my animals. This practice has changed me from the inside out. I am a better human for me, other humans and for animals. On the journey, I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life learning and practicing the art of relationship using the Trust Technique in my Coaching Practice with Horses, Animals and Humans. I applied to become a Trust Technique Practitioner and I am loving the learning process. The Trust Technique is truly helping meet to know how to create an atmosphere where Trust and Confidence reigns. I am forever grateful.