Dear James and Shelley, Thank you so much for this course...I completed it today and really enjoyed every video on it!! To see the love and dedication of the 2 of you.... touched my heart so much. The love for the animals which I saw in all the videos and with the rescue centres is something I will not forget. I am also into animal foundations and therefore have had many trauma dogs from Spain and even without the TT course I saw them grow every day, month and year....but now with this course it helps my animals even more and faster in the future. I just THANK YOU both for that! The last 4 years I have 5 adopted horses....they come to my life suddenly ( or not) and now I feel even more how connected I am and will be in the future with those beautiful and amazing horses!! And James the times I hear you say....sit LOVE and WELL DONE....hahaha It is so with love for the animals and even here in my house we do it now and think about you :)! Although we are dutch the animals do understand english or eh....our voices and what the intention is :)! Thank you for this amazing course....I will be back and think about animal communication course first and who knows what the future holds! My dog thank you as well :)))! I wish you both and your families all the best!! Take care and greeting from the Netherlands! Sandra