I have loved learning through watching the Trust Technique video course. I have practiced quite a lot on my own horses and found it to be not just beneficial for my horses but for me. I have 3 rescue horses, each with their own issues. Charlie was starved and didn’t enjoy being with people, he will do anything for you now and my 16yo daughter has backed him using only a rope halter and lead. He will make an excellent Therapy horse to go on to help adults and children with their issues. Spud came to me as a project pony after he suffered a traumatic experience. He was a very angry pony, you could not touch him without him wanting to bite you. I used the TT and after a week he finally laid down and went into the deep sleep and released all his tension. All without touching! This was so very rewarding. The next day he was cured of biting and is working towards being ready to teach kids again. My other horse Roxy was left to a guy in a will, he didn’t really want her but obviously felt obligated to look after her. He kept her with his sheep and fed her lots of oats and Lucerne hay in order to move her between grassy paddocks. She is only 6 and looked more like a quarter horse than a stock horse because of her excess weight. Her temperament has softened by using the TT and is now much more willing to co-operate without the use of food and is now a beautiful horse to be around. Thank you for giving me the tools to be so in control of my feelings and to help my horses control theirs too and let go of past traumatic experiences and be happy again 🙂