I love this way of being with animals. I have found connections with all kinds of wildlife even more then I had before. I am a wildlife certified in wildlife rehab., in Ohio and I spend many months in AZ.. This course I have worked with it on dogs, deer, groundhogs, raccoons, birds and horses. Yes you maybe surprised at some of those wild creatures but they are in my back yard and they have learned to trust me. I can make a tick tick noise with my mouth and a certain ground hog will come running to see what I am doing. Sometimes I just want to see her other times I'll give a treat onto the ground. I absolutely loved the Asian Bears and all the growth they did and what you found and how it was found in them. Duke the horse oh my that horse is very loyal in love with his friends. They worked the Trust technique so very well with him. I love to watch the same videos over and over again, sometimes you miss a little thing or pick up something a tad different. I'm excited to try new things all the time. The videos are very informative and with animals and people it teaches you not to hurry in life to be peace of mind, and get present realize animals all have a past they went through and need to deal with. We need to open our minds slow down and listen. I highly recommend these classes this way of listening and interacting with wild animals but use caution and do know what the animals are capable of. As a wildlife rehab., trainee in my home state I know Ohio wildlife. It was a whole new experience to me two years ago to learn all about wild horses. But I had to I want to support them help groups that rescue them and do anything I can for them and any other animal on this planet. Id give these videos 5 stars higher if I could and they are so reasonably priced. Have fun learn something new even if you just want to try it on your cat dog and grow close to understanding them. You'll love it James and Shelley are wonderful giving people and I appreciate all they do for so many people all over the world.