Very in-depth and informative course with many many hours of live demonstrations of how the techniques work with a variety of animals. I have been able to put the training into practice right from the start of the course. During my studies, I had to stop for a while as my rescue dog became very distressed with the sounds of dogs barking or whining on the videos. By applying the techniques, I was able to gradually get her used to the videos so that she no longer reacted once I'd asked her to sit. She was able to be peaceful whilst I watched! I have also been able to help friends with their dogs by introducing them to the Messages of Trust course, and they have also been able to see amazing results for themselves and their pets. I recommend the Trust Technique to people all the time and highly recommend the training for anyone who wants to help their animals with any issues. It has certainly deepened my bond with my own dog, and has been immensely helpful through many challenging situations, including nearly a month of fireworks for weddings at a local venue, Diwali and Guy Fawkes, followed by Christmas and New Year celebrations.