Ursula Saxton

Dear James and Shelley, thank you so much for putting all of this together. You are bringing deep spirit into this world. Your language is easy to understand - hopefully even for people who are still to discover mindfulness in their daily lives. I have only started working with horses in a refuge here in Switzerland 16 months ago and I wanted to have this special co-operative relationship with these fantastic animals - based on love and trust. I was told so many times that I need to show the horse that I am the boss so the animal doesn`t lose respect and is bullying me in the end. I always felt that this was completely wrong. Nonetheless was I happy to learn from experienced horse people however, by ignoring the parts which I felt inappropriate - like raising my voice, keeping the halter short and tugging on it when the horse does not obey, etc. I have meanwhile established lovely connections with some of the horses in the refuge just by spending quality time with them, respecting their pace, and feeling what is OK to do and what not. Your messages of the Trust Technique strengthened me that my own perception and feelings are correct. You truly inspired me to interact further with the horses in the way a feel correct. I am excited to learn and apply your technique. With gratitude, Ursula