Valeria Rossi

Very informative and fascinating course. This proves once again that the solutions lie in the subtle sphere (the sense of unity and understanding lies in silence ...) and not in the rough sphere (of noise, screams, imposition). I have a training in complementary therapies, in particular in Energetics and Craniosacral biodynamics, so this and other basic concepts of the course were already familiar to me. But one thing here particularly struck me, the fact that we can cure the human through the animal; or rather both. Here in fact the person finds an additional stimulus to change attitude, having to work with his animal. In fact, not always by treating only the person, this one has the strength to change! Another consideration: peace of mind is really necessary in relationships with one's animal. Too often people have a too emotional relationship with the animal, from which they have too many expectations or reflect compensations of all kinds, even thinking of mistaking an animal for a human being, replacing human relationships with it. On the other hand, the peace of mind that gives true presence among living beings, should be more taught among people: to be with their children and understand them, with their partner, their family and in other relations of society. But it is good to know that by learning these techniques, to be present with your own animal, a person can then apply these techniques also to relationships between people.