vicki scholer

I learned so much and am so grateful. I grew up on a farm so around so many animals, but wish I had known this then. I have a feral cat that is now 7 and was still skittish around me. Although her sister was fine and loved to be petted. After practicing this method she now rubs against my legs. Loves to be patted and even runs up to me to greet me. She is still skittish if I move too quickly around her, such as standing from sitting. But she is getting better each day, I know it is small steps. I am so thankful. On another note, I very much wanted to take this course due to having a granddaughter with fairly severe autism. I have taught my daughter this method and she has used it several times and technique seems to quiet my granddaughter down. If she does it once she quiets after meltdown, it effects her in that she laid down with her blanket. She is practicing it while she is playing etc. I am hoping that it might be helpful in preventing the complete meltdowns that autistic children have. I have just signed up for your communications course and I look forward to learning it. I also plan to again go thru the initial videos again, and others. Thank you so much for reminding me how very much we can help our "best friends".