Vicky Samantha Rossi

For the past 5 years, I've been doing socialization work with cats at a shelter here in Italy. Until now, I have never found a training programme that could build on what I am already doing. I'm very excited, therefore, to come across the Trust Technique, which is clearly an opportunity to take the socialization work I'm doing to the next level. The Trust Technique is very inspirational, and through the use of compassion, mindfulness and humility, it offers a refreshing contrast to mainstream approaches to contact with animals which rely on domination and violence (the latter are used, unfortunately, by the majority of humans - consciously or unconsciously - to overpower not only the animal kingdom but also the vegetable and mineral kingdoms). Thankfully, the Trust Technique offers us a meaningful and heartfelt approach to the art of relating to animals in ways that are mutually beneficial.