Yvonne Ayers

I have a super sensitive 4 year old Arabian horse that I have had for 2 years. I am devoted to him and have been trying to garner the skills necessary to communicate with him and gain his "trusted cooperation". I attended courses at Monty Roberts farm and learned much about how horses think and communicate, but it did not focus on their feelings. I just recently started riding him. Some days are great and we really connect and have fun with our preliminary ground work. Other days are not as successful. He and I both get frustrated with ourselves and each other. The other day he was in a mood & did not want me to mount him for the first time. I sat down, cried, and then got peaceful. He came over to me, comforted me. We both got over our impasse & he let me mount him. Seems like he can read my mind, see my mental pictures, and sense my emotions better than I can. We are very connected, but still have our misunderstandings. I hope this course work will help us get to the next level. I also recently acquired a 15 year old untrained, practically wild, mini stallion who I want to halter, lead and put fly masks on and off. Now, I can only gingerly pet him a little and feed him apple slices by hand. Me & the mini still have a very long way to go to. Was impressed with your work with wild mustang and the mule. Hoping this will help me get to a more blissful & peaceful state with all 3 members my little horse herd. This is exactly the direction I want to go in. I especially am eager to learn more about invitation & gratitude rewards.