We Have A Dream


“We Have A Dream”

We are creating a video that has you and your animals as the stars!

Very similar to the I have A Dream video but this time it’s images and footage of video course members and their animals.

Would you like to be part of this?

What content are we looking for?

Any content that shows any of the main principles of the Trust Technique

Creative Reaction, Realisation or Trusted Cooperation

Here is how

Please only provide footage/images of you working with your own animal(s).

Image Guidelines

  • Upload as many images as you like no bigger than 10MB each

Video Guidelines

  • Please upload the highest quality that you have, preferably HD
  • You can upload multiple videos
  • They can be raw files as we will be editing them 
  • The best ratio is 16:9
  • After submitting the form it may take time to upload the videos
  • When uploaded we will send you a confirmation email  🙂

Please note – there is no guarantee that your footage/images will be used.

Please fill out the form below

I am happy for you to use mine and my animals first name in the video!(Required)
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Simply select your file(s), click Submit below and wait for the content to upload!
Please be patient as large files will take time to upload
My images/video can be used for:(Required)
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By clicking Submit, you agree that the Trust Technique Ltd have permission to use the content you have uploaded for any marketing or inspirational purposes related to company procedures.
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