Lesson 1, Topic 1
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A place of listening

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To make this listening space effective you will need to think about more than the non-thought of the present moment. You will need to have your focus with the animal as well.

Your position

  • holding the space
  • animal co-ordination

To hold this special space for the animal, you will need to be flowing with them. Good positioning is important for many reasons and knowing how to move with an animal, essential. This is called Animal Coordination and is the fine balance between engagement and consideration.

Engagement is the ability to have the animal’s attention and may require you to take a step forward or sideways so that the animal has awareness of you.

Animal co-ordination is how you achieve this without over attention. It is a beautiful dance and is a skill that takes practice to do well.

Mindful Regard

  • Bringing a mind down
  • Deep knowledge

This will enable you to Pace and lead the thinking levels of any animal, no matter how sensitive they are. By really Regarding an animal we will naturally build trust even without using the Present Moment. When we Regard the animal within the Present Moment, something deeply profound happens.

When you feel this, in your own experience, then you are ready to demonstrate this to others. Your words and explanations will be full of meaning, depth and authenticity.

There is also access to deep knowledge about the animal within the process of Mindful Regard. How we learn to read the reactions is a doorway to the intimate. Understanding Mindful Regard can take animal communication to the next level. This will be explored further, within the videos.