Elevating Animal-Human Connection

We Have A Dream…

…that all animals be treated with mindful regard.

The Trust Technique® is a mindfulness practice that is shared between the person and their animals. In the first stages, this connection builds a core bond of trust and confidence in each other, which can then develop and extend to other areas of their lives. When the relationship shifts from fear to trust, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning.

Now Is The Time…

…that we adopt a wiser understanding that recognises the difference between fear and trust motivation.

There are many misconceptions in the animal world that are no longer integral to the true connection between animals and people. Such terms as “we need to be the boss over an animal” or that “they are not intelligent” has a detrimental effect on the depth of authentic relationships that could exist between people and any type of animal.

…to explore animal intelligence with trusted co-operation.

When the human mind changes to accommodate the opinions of animals, a state of gratitude and co-operation can be shared. This opens new possibilities of connection that seem extraordinary when compared to old beliefs and actions.

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We are an education organisation whose intent is to show and deliver a fresh mindful approach to working and caring for all animals. Teaching techniques developed from advanced animal communication, that are easy to use and learn.  Presented in a professional platform for both private and professionals worldwide. For pet owners, rescue centres, trainers, veterinarians, educational institutes and the advancement of the animal-human therapeutic practice.

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A combination of advanced animal communication and animal healing combined into a simple to use application.
Helping animals and people find a deep sense of trust and confidence while opening new possibilities of co-operation.

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Learn Animal Communication

James has been recognised as one of the leading UK Animal Communication teachers in the last decade. He has taught 1000s of people how to connect with and pick up their animal’s feelings … in detail.. Discover these easy to use tried and tested methods that open a new perspective to understanding your animal opinions.



Very inspiring, I look forward to going deeper with the video course. ♡


These messages are truly inspiring 💕
I'm looking forward to starting the video course right away 😍 I can already feel how these techniques are changing my life 🦄 Thank you James and Shelley for sharing this with us ❤

blaze warrender

Messages of Trust is a beautifully scripted reminder of just how profound our connection with another being can be. Although I don't currently have animal companions I use the TT with feral cats and wild animals. I have much to learn but it informs every aspect of my life. It is gifted from the heart James and I continue to be inspired. Thank you and I want to come to a workshop when I can. Thank you for this wonderful website. Messages of Trust is a gift worth giving.

Gabrielle Grace

So the fist feeling that comes to mind when thinking of my personal experience is immense Gratitude for this life changing process.🙏💕
The last thing I ever thought I would do is take an online course. I am very good with animals and young children and I have been challenged by the computer. That being said I Loved it!!! I was able to work at my own pace never feeling like there was a deadline, instead I could take the time I needed to truly integrate the experience within my being. I also grew and was able to be at Peace with the computer. I found that expansive as it built my confidence.

To be in community with so many like minded people, I have felt supported every step of the way. As well as just having the time of my life!! Being present with the animals, discovering and learning together is a Joy🐶🐾🐴

This experience has enriched my life in all my relationships learning to deeply listen to the animals and people has opened my Heart and Mind to new perspectives and creativity. I now have a much deeper feeling of belonging and Authentic mindfulness in connecting.

The Journey is never ending. I set out to be a Domestic practitioner, and currently gaining my Horse basics to advance into Large Animals as well. That has opened a whole new world of connection for me.

As I started in Gratitude I will end with a Heart full of Appreciation to the Trust Technique TEAM.
Thank YOU for your labor of Love that is evident in each video. You have worked many long hours, in heat and cold, sitting in front of the computer to get it just right!! Thank You for distilling the life long experience and making it user friendly.
Well Done!!!👏👏👏

Gabrielle 💕💕👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Fransvan Zaalen

Dear Shelley and James,
Wonderful to see all this healing happening and often within a small amount of time.
You have created a beautiful technique.
Kind regards


I found these videos very inspiring, very watchable and well put together.
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us.

Heide Hoffmann

Wonderful, a very helpful addition to the main workshop, as it pointed out the important info for each step, which are always good to be reminded of.
Thank you


Just finished the course. I've found it inspiring, moving & extremely interesting. It's helped me to remain positive through some difficult & emotional times. It's great that it's so effective on all animals including humans. I've been practising the technique on my own animals but will look into taking this further. I obviously don't get quite the same results as James & Shelley but practice makes perfect. Such a beautiful thing to offer any animal & I feel this is something I can use in many situations from now on. Thank you so much for sharing your gift xx


The information in this course is riveting. The techniques are simple and everyone can learn them. James and Shelly are changing the world for both animals and humans.


Dear James, Shelly and Team, I really really enjoyed the video series, it was so heartwarming and, being a video member, I now can understand the main principles much better. A heartfelt thank you! Not only the content and messages of the Messages Of Trust Videos are so wonderful and deeply profound. But by simply watching James and the animals in the process and hearing James´ voice, ones heart gets transformed. Because the love for all animals and people, that you carry inside of you, shines brightly through every moment. Thank you in particular for that! I wish you all the best, may you, the TT, your loved ones and your mission be blessed, may your vision comes more and more true. You are wonderful spiritual leaders and teachers, please continue your work for a better world!