Trust Technique

The mindful approach to animal connection

I have a dream …

That all animals be treated with mindful regard

The Trust Technique® is a mindfulness practice that is shared between the person and their animals. In the first stages, this connection builds a core bond of trust and confidence in each other, which can then develop and extend to other areas of their lives. When the relationship shifts from fear to trust, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning.

Now is the time …

That we adopt a wiser understanding that recognised the difference between fear and trust motivation.

There are many misconceptions in the animal world that are no longer integral to the true connection between animals and people. Such terms as “we need to be the boss over an animal” or that “they are not intelligent” has a detrimental effect on the depth of authentic relations that is and can exist between people and any type of animal.

To explore animal intelligence with trusted co-operation

When the human mind changes to accommodate the opinions of animals a state of gratitude and co-operation can be shared. Opening new possibilities of connection that seem extraordinary when compared to old beliefs and actions.

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We are an education organisation who’s intent is to show and deliver a fresh mindful approach to working and caring for all animals. Teaching techniques developed from advanced animal communication, that are easy to use and learn.  Presented in a professional platform for both private and professionals worldwide. For pet owners, rescue centres, trainers, veterinarians, educational institutes and the advancement of the animal-human therapeutic practice.

The Trust Technique

Is the combination of advanced animal communication and animal healing combined into a simple to use application. Helping animals and people find a deep sense of trust and confidence while opening new possibilities of co-operation.


by Bettina Böttcher on Trust Technique Video Course

Hi James, I think this course is absolutely wonderfull! 👍🏻I just love it!😍 It's beautifully made and the videos are lovely! It's a pleasure to watch and easy to understand! Thank you, very much!🤗

by Pia Schiller on Trust Technique Video Course

I have just started the course and I think it's great. The course take me step by step inte this this fantastic technique. I can do the course in My own speed, I can go back and forth, it suits me perfect.

I am in the process of soaking in and learning The Trust Technique. Wow! I am simply amazed at how the videos were filmed/created to bring one to where "you are right there experiencing the "present moment"; I can actually "feel" myself healing along with the animals.I am excited about the Trust Technique Video Course, as I have begun to recommend to my friends. This is just the beginning of a beautiful journey. Thank you James and Shelley! Much love and appreciation, Cristi

Really enjoying the video course, I am going through it for the second time, it has proved very useful and informative and i am using it alongside my other healing therapies. Thank you for setting all this up for us to access, not everyone can afford to come and do the hands on course but this video course is so very healing to watch and gives a great insight into the trust technique. Thank you both , blessed be.

" I have this same dream !" James is so down to earth in his character, as a student, I do not feel overwhelmed with " getting " what he is explaining. This awareness state of being " present" seems so logical but as humans we make things so complicated ! James brings us ia world of " REALITY" with his " unthinking tips" The website is VERY EASY to navigate and professionally created with diverse tutorials, followed by examples. I too have been able to be " present" with horse and dogs to have them " relax, release tension" and YES LIE DOWN. This is the most magical contact we can have with our animal kingdom! JAMES !! THANK YOU !!! Lets share this with everyone on the planet and we can make this more symbosis living with each other !!

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