Elevating Animal-Human Connection

We Have A Dream…

…that all animals be treated with mindful regard.

The Trust Technique® is a mindfulness practice that is shared between the person and their animals. In the first stages, this connection builds a core bond of trust and confidence in each other, which can then develop and extend to other areas of their lives. When the relationship shifts from fear to trust, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning.

Now Is The Time…

…that we adopt a wiser understanding that recognises the difference between fear and trust motivation.

There are many misconceptions in the animal world that are no longer integral to the true connection between animals and people. Such terms as “we need to be the boss over an animal” or that “they are not intelligent” has a detrimental effect on the depth of authentic relationships that could exist between people and any type of animal.

…to explore animal intelligence with trusted co-operation.

When the human mind changes to accommodate the opinions of animals, a state of gratitude and co-operation can be shared. This opens new possibilities of connection that seem extraordinary when compared to old beliefs and actions.

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We are an education organisation whose intent is to show and deliver a fresh mindful approach to working and caring for all animals. Teaching techniques developed from advanced animal communication, that are easy to use and learn.  Presented in a professional platform for both private and professionals worldwide. For pet owners, rescue centres, trainers, veterinarians, educational institutes and the advancement of the animal-human therapeutic practice.

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A combination of advanced animal communication and animal healing combined into a simple to use application.
Helping animals and people find a deep sense of trust and confidence while opening new possibilities of co-operation.

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Learn Animal Communication

James has been recognised as one of the leading UK Animal Communication teachers in the last decade. He has taught 1000s of people how to connect with and pick up their animal’s feelings … in detail.. Discover these easy to use tried and tested methods that open a new perspective to understanding your animal opinions.



This was a great refresher to get me back into the video course. I enjoy watching James work with the animals and hope to see some success with my very sensitive rescues. I am hoping to transform their sensitivity into a very powerful connection. I have always been extremely sensitive as well and it was always used as a put down. Now I know that I can use my own sensitivity to help fellow sensitives.

Irene from Freiburg, Germany

Hei, the longer I look to the video course, the more, I learn about trust technique, the more I am impressed and touched deeply in my heart. Thank you, giving me the opportunity, to make these experiences. I am really glad that I can follow the great work of James, thanks a lot! Irene


Thank you James and Shelly to see such beautiful work in action. Thank you for bringing this to us on video. There are so many animal lovers who would like a better connection but just don't know how to get there. Feeling your way is the only way through. As a child I was able to hear the animals voices and as a teenager had a horse that was my best friend when others were getting cars. It was the feeling connection between us that I lost over the years. Thank you for bringing this back to me. My hope is that I can bring this back into abundance in my life. It is the greatest reward one can have. Thank you again for all you do.


Thank you for the awesome inspiration! I am in the process of adopting a mustang yearling, whose mother died recently and who was chased out of his band at 10 months old, and have been at a loss as to the best way to reach him without creating more trauma in his young life. I am on the board of an equine rescue in Northern Nevada in the US and fell in love with him when he arrived. He’s my first horse and I know intuitively that I want a relationship of trusted cooperation with him. I have come to understand that the popular techniques, cowboying (especially popular here), dominance / fear and pressure / release risk increasing his trauma and mistrust. I believe that the Trust Technique will help to build s trusted relationship with him and enhance our relationship with many of the other reactive / sensitive (either wild or sorely failed by humans) equines at the rescue. I plan to gift the Messages of Trust to my fellow board members and encourage all to consider this approach. I will invest in the video course and begin to apply the principles with confidence that the results will speak for themselves and the decreased energy / thinking level at our rescue will enhance the lives of our board members, the volunteers and especially the equines. ❤️


Thank you for all the wonderful work you do, I feel excited and inspired to learn to apply your techniques to all aspects of my daily life. I feel a shift in the way my herd , dog and I share space already. Very happy ! Thank you again !


This video has been a huge gift of understanding, offered in a concise and demonstrated way.
I feel my life has been directed to this work by no accident as my lifelong dream always has been to see animals elevated to the respect and honor they deserve. There was a time when I despaired that things would never change and that there was not much influence I could have to make a difference. I feel a sense of hope and share the vision that this dream so many of us share can and will come true and for that I am eternally grateful.
I share the good news of the Trust Technique everywhere I go and with anyone who will listen!
Forever grateful,
Maryanne Turvin


Thank you James for your clear teaching and your efforts to inspire more people to appreciate the valuable connection that we can achieve with animals. This has given me renewed enthusiasm to work on reducing my thinking levels which have previously been a stumbling block.


Hello. Thank you so much for sharing this method. I've been looking for answers since I started riding and this tecnique is the answer, this is the way I want to treat animals and engage with them.


Amazing work. Amazing summary of the Trust Technique and years of compassionate work. It is sure a great contribution to peace on our planet we all need so much. I wish schools would teach this. Thank you so much.


Hi, thank you for sharing this message and your knowledge and experience 🙏. I am so excited to learn more, to share a beautiful connection with the animals we share our home (and planet) with 💜