Trust Technique

The mindful approach to animal connection

I have a dream …

That all animals be treated with mindful regard

The Trust Technique® is a mindfulness practice that is shared between the person and their animals. In the first stages, this connection builds a core bond of trust and confidence in each other, which can then develop and extend to other areas of their lives. When the relationship shifts from fear to trust, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning.

Now is the time …

That we adopt a wiser understanding that recognised the difference between fear and trust motivation.

There are many misconceptions in the animal world that are no longer integral to the true connection between animals and people. Such terms as “we need to be the boss over an animal” or that “they are not intelligent” has a detrimental effect on the depth of authentic relations that is and can exist between people and any type of animal.

To explore animal intelligence with trusted co-operation

When the human mind changes to accommodate the opinions of animals a state of gratitude and co-operation can be shared. Opening new possibilities of connection that seem extraordinary when compared to old beliefs and actions.

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We are an education organisation who’s intent is to show and deliver a fresh mindful approach to working and caring for all animals. Teaching techniques developed from advanced animal communication, that are easy to use and learn.  Presented in a professional platform for both private and professionals worldwide. For pet owners, rescue centres, trainers, veterinarians, educational institutes and the advancement of the animal-human therapeutic practice.

The Trust Technique

Is the combination of advanced animal communication and animal healing combined into a simple to use application. Helping animals and people find a deep sense of trust and confidence while opening new possibilities of co-operation.

Trust Technique Video Course

This is our foundation course that teaches you how to work with your own animals, building trust and exploring the deeper levels of the technique. With over 250 videos, including detailed tutorials and examples with horses, dogs, cats, lions and bears. This course is the pre-requisite for clinic attendees and Trust Technique Practitioners.

Trust Technique I Have A Dream Day

This one day in person dream day shares the details of the 3 main principles of the Trust Technique. How we can work in a fresh new way with mindfulness between animal and people. How healing can take place with the Trust Technique animal assisted healing. How the advanced techniques have the potential to change the future of how we co-operate with animals.

Trust Technique Clinic

This two-day in-person clinic shares the details of the 3 main principles of the Trust Technique. How we can work in a fresh new way with mindfulness between animal and people. Experience the Trust Technique animal assisted healing. How the advanced techniques have the potential to change the future of how we co-operate with animals.

Mindfulness for people with their animals Trust Technique Practitioner

For those wishing to have a career in helping people and their animals within a practice of mindfulness. Our Ofqual regulated qualification is delivered via an online learning platform, allowing for worldwide access to learners based nationally and internationally. Become part of The Trust Technique® community and help make a difference.


by Romaine Dennistoun on Trust Technique Dream Day

UnfortunateIy am only now able to report back on my Trust Technique Workshop at the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre. One word: Fantastic! Totally in tune with what I have come to understand about horses and dogs.I am so happy to have attended the Workshop and look forward to following the online course. A big thank you for your Wisdom and Insight James & Shelley

by Kim Parker on Trust Technique Dream Day

I recently attended the I Have a Dream Day , featuring the Trust Technique put on by James and Shelley which was hosted at the Magic Horse Garden in Pitt Meadows, BC. I was first introduced to their website a year ago, during a large transition period in my life. I had recently lost my job of 11 years due to budget cuts. I had decided to spend the summer healing, resting, playing and staying out of my own way to see what would show up for me. James was one of the beautiful gifts that showed up. Watching the free videos I was filled with amazement and wonder and I was blown away with what I was learning. But most importantly watching these videos, I was healing. So when I saw James and Shelley were coming to BC, there was no hesitation in registering for this workshop. I am so grateful for having met them and the day was filled with such compassion, sincerity, gentleness, humor, true listening, cooperation and trust. The level of gentleness felt from James was SO profound, it touched my heart deeply. They gave us tools and techniques to help us have mindful regard and trusted cooperation with our cherished pets, which ultimately will bring a peacefulness into our relationship like no other. I am so very grateful to both of them for their teachings and for coming to BC, close enough for me to attend. They will be back next year, and I will be there! Wish they lived closer as they are dear people I would love to be good friends with. Most sincere love and gratitude!

I had the opportunity to attend the in person teaching of I have a Dream Day with James and Shelley. Our group was so fortunate to have been hosted at the Magic Horse Garden in Pitt Meadows BC, with our gracious hostess Carolyn.In May of 2017 I signed up for the Lifetime Video Course and later for the ACT 1 CD set. These videos and CD’s are a tremendous learning tool. I can watch them time and again and pick up more information each time. They have helped me connect more and more with my dogs and have become a benefit to myself in my everyday life.If you do get a chance to attend I have a Dream Day workshop please take that opportunity you will not be disappointed. Both James and Shelley work so hard not only for the animals but also for the attendees of the workshops. During the workshop breaks James was only too happy to answer any questions someone may have had in regard to their own personal pets. It was a long day filled with learning and practice of the Trust Technique; I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this whole experience and would attend again and again.James and Shelly also offer a Practitioner Course, which was mentioned at the end of the day for anyone that would be interested going further into the Trust Technique (i.e., having your own business helping animals after you have graduated from the course). Not once was there any pressure to go that route, as they understand not everyone is meant to be a Practitioner.I closing I would like to say Thank you to James, Shelley and our hostess Carolyn.Sincerely

The "I Have a Dream" workshop in Pitt Meadows Magic Horse Garden was just the most wonderful day ever. I enjoyed every minute of it and feel so lucky that James and Shelley came all the way to B.C. to share their expertise and peace. Theirs is a gift to heal the earth, animal and person together, two by two! Their compassion for "relationship of regard & integrity" with animals deeply felt and clearly demonstrated.The workshop is presented professionally, well paced, full of experience and sparked with humour. I would attend all over again tomorrow in a heartbeat just to spend a day immersed in peace again and to support their amazing life work. Please come again! Thank you.

by Sharon Richlark on Trust Technique Dream Day

Posted in my private Facebook group........WholisticallySpeakingwww.TheTrustTechnique.comIf you truly, truly wish to learn and understand authentic animal communication (not the TV kind where the celebrity is the focus and the animal is the prop) go to the link. James French and his wife Shelley taught in person yesterday their technique. What an honor to see the animals respond. He knows their subtle language. He goes to them, not forcing them to come to him. Amazing group of dedicated animal healers, shelter people, rescuers, foster care folk, pet owners.Anyone can learn this. It works for all animals.Watch the videos. So inspiring to watch a real healer with animals. No animal was pushed against their free will in any way. Free will and co- operation transpired because he listened to the animal's subtle expression of need. Beyond telepathy, true spiritual engagement.He will be back again next year.

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