Animal Communication

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Discover these easy to use, tried and tested methods that open a new perspective on understanding your animal emotions.
Learn animal communication easily with the online audio set, which also comes with a members practice and download area.

Understand how your animal is feeling

Animal communication is easier than you think

Understanding your animal’s thoughts and opinions is a life changing event. How many times have you looked into the eyes of your animals and thought to yourself “I wish I knew what you are thinking?”

Animal Communication takes you to this magical place of wonder and innocence. You will be touched to realise how special the thoughts and feelings of our animals really are. Even when you thought that they were being uncooperative, you will have the opportunity to see these things in a completely different light. Understand your animals in a way where you can be of true help.

"These CDs are amazing and really make you understand what it is you are suppose to be doing. James takes you through it step by step and you can repeat it as many times as you like until you feel you have got it. I have since been doing communications with various friends and family pets as well as using the members animal request section on line which also helped with my practice. Thank you so very much James and Shelly for making this CD and I highly recommend it to every one.

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James has been recognised as one of the leading UK Animal Communication teachers in the last decade. He has taught 1000’s of people how to connect with and pick up their animal’s feelings in incredible detail.

You can start learning as soon as you have purchased with our online access. You can also download the set so that you can play it on your media devices. 

Members area:

  • Listen to the ACT 1 Audio Set online
  • Download the audio set onto your device
  • Watch an exclusive video taken from the Animal Communication workshop
  • Practice your new skill in the members practice area
  • Connect with like-minded people on the forum

Not just an audio set!

Be part of a workshop with these videos that help you to understand the essence of animal communication in a small class setting.  These videos greatly enhance your learning experience.

The ACT1 Facebook group is a place to practice with like-minded people, who have also completed the course.  This is the fastest way to apply the teachings and build your confidence.

This Animal Communication Audio Set set can be of great help to:

  • Pet owners
  • Animal Therapists
  • Behaviourist / Trainer
  • Vets
  • Rescue animals 

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Animal Communication Audio Set

£ 27 +vat Onetime Payment
  • Learn Animal Communication with simple exercises
  • Instant access to the audio set
  • Listen online or download on your devices
  • Watch videos taken from an in-person workshop
  • Practice area with like-minded people
  • Forum access
  • 14 day money back guarantee
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Mary Oliver

I loved this course very much. I still need lots of practice but am gaining confidence as I am continuing to have more success with receiving verifiable information . Thank you!

Default Avatar50

Thank you so much . It`s very kind of you to share such valuable experience with all animal lovers . As an ex
race horse trainer i found the missing link in my life , THANK YOU once again!!

Janet Fotta-Petrucci

I have taken many animal communications courses with many great people – but all the negative things like don’t drink soda , meditate , I had many great hits and my small town and negativity came in = James lets me connected so easy and I am so happy to pursue this , Thank you

Jani Grace

My friend bought your animal communication course cd for me. I had previously listened to many, many free tips, two small courses, one large $130, but although I could randomly communicate well, ACT1 was the only program that could EVER help me with my communication block, and now I can communicate with increasing confidence and ease. Now its time to be looking into the Trust Technique. Thank you deeply, James, for helping me.


Whats most amazing to me about a miracle is to realize it happens on me, very often in a natural manner. The most important lesson I have learnt from this workshop is that miracle is a creation, we dont go anywhere else for it but create it in the here and now. We are our own possibilities. Thank James!!

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