Animal Communication

Discover these easy to use, tried and tested methods that open a new perspective on understanding an animal’s emotions.

Understand how your animal is feeling

Animal communication is easier than you think

Understanding your animal’s thoughts and opinions is a life changing event. How many times have you looked into the eyes of your animals and thought to yourself “I wish I knew what you are thinking?”

Animal Communication takes you to this magical place of wonder and innocence. You will be touched to realise how special the thoughts and feelings of our animals really are. Even when you thought that they were being uncooperative, you will have the opportunity to see these things in a completely different light. Understand your animals in a way where you can be of true help.

"This is an excellent learning package and allows you to become familiar with the methods using the CDs and practice before the workshop. James has an inclusive, down to earth style of teaching that anybody can relate to, whatever their background or belief system.Its the simplest and most enjoyable method I have come across and James love for this work is contagious"

Animal Communication Suite

James has been recognised as one of the leading UK Animal Communication teachers in the last decade. He has taught 1000’s of people how to connect with and pick up their animal’s feelings in incredible detail and is well known for a very down to Earth approach of making Animal Communication real to everyone who cares for animals.
You can start learning Animal Communication today by receiving instant access to this stunning way to connect with your animals. Gain more clarity on their emotions and wisdom, with simple yet life-changing exercises.

course content

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course benefits

Your animals

  • Behaviourism
  • Training
  • Healing
  • Rescue Animals
  • Veterinarian 

Your self

  • Connection with your animals
  • Developed intuition
  • Communication with people 
  • Easy meditation practice
  • Communication self-awareness

Your profession

  • Animal behaviourists/trainers
  • Animal Therapists
  • Rescue centres
  • Veterinarian practices
  • Helping others with AC
  • Trust Technique Practitioners

There are many benefits to understanding and learning Animal Communication. The most obvious is the ability to understand your animal’s emotions and opinions in more detail. The less obvious, yet just as profound, is understanding communication on a feeling level. This helps us understand other people, situations and yourself more on an intuitive level. 

The Animal Communication Suite delivers the benefits in a clear and fun way to learn, breaking down a wealth of information into easy to understand steps and application making the experience of Animal Communication real for you and your animals.


Workshop & Audio Set

£ 137 One Time Payment + vat
  • Animal Communication Video workshop and Audio
  • Full access to the whole suite
  • Instant access to the online workshop
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  • Interactive videos
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Audio Set Only

£ 27 One Time Payment + vat
  • Animal Communication Audio only
  • Instant access to the audio set
  • Listen online or download on your devices
  • Practice area with like-minded people
  • Practice area
  • Forums
  • Option to upgrade to the full suite £110
  • Onetime payment unlimited use
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Secure Payment PayPal or Stripe

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Default Avatar50

Thank you. You have made this material very accessible for me. Everyone has this and it’s always there.

Default Avatar50
Katrien Notebaert

I cannot put in words how grateful I am. When I read testimonials here after the workshop I agree with all of them. I learned so much about myself too, this is really life changing. I will carry this with me on my path with both animals and humans for the rest of my life. This should be taught in schools, it is that important to learn this for yourself and the world. Ow, now I did give it words 😀. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏽

Default Avatar50

Vielen Dank für die klaren , aufeinander aufbauenden Anleitungen, die mich inspirieren die Kommunikation mit Tieren zu üben und in die Welt der Tiere einzutauchen.
Dabei schwingt so viel Liebe und Frieden mit, so dass ich nur denke: “Let your love flow, and the world will become a better place for animals and humans .”

Thank you for the clear, consistent instructions that inspire me to practice communicating with animals and immerse myself in the world of animals.
There is so much love and peace in it that I just think: “Let your love flow, and the world will become a better place for animals and humans.”

Default Avatar50
Louise Atkinson

This was certainly a fascinating course. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I have always been skeptical about animal communications but this a) really worked and b)didn’t insist that you were talking to the animal, but to the essence of it and the feelings that we do pick up on.
The info I received from the pictures was incredible, and if I just went with it and wrote it down it became quite accurate!
Thank you.

Default Avatar50
Heidi – Haydée

This is a FANTASTIC TEACHING ! I am adding my name to the long list of people expressing gratitude, even though ironically I grieve and deplore the loss of in-person teaching and learning opportunities that have been displaced by the internet since 2020. I have to say thank you thank you thank you for doing the work to teach, and to translate your teaching to the online setting. One more note, there have been aspects to my life that have been difficult. These teachings bring reassurance, hope, and comfort to the most patient, long suffering, neglected parts of me. I feel very very motivated to practice, bring the reassurance to others.

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