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Trust Technique Lifetime Video Course

Personal Practice

Learn the techniques for you and your animals. Over 50 hours of tutorials and case studies.
With horses, dogs, cats, lion and bears.

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Inspired possibilities with kindness!


What is the Trust Technique?

The Trust Technique ® is based on the premise that animals and humans share and react to micro feelings. When an animal or a person is over-thinking it creates strong emotional feelings. When this happens it can become more difficult to understand or connect with each other. This can have a negative impact on the relationship and ultimately may lower trust levels. Anxious over-thinking is one of the main causes of so-called “behavioural problems” in both animals and people.

The Trust Technique® is a mindful practise that is shared between the person and their animals. In simple terms, there is a sharing of peace of mind – the opposite of overthinking. In the first stages, this connection builds a core bond of trust and confidence in each other, which can then develop and extend to other areas of their lives. When the relationship shifts from fear to trust, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning.

Because this method is motivated by a peaceful authentic state of being, it promotes cooperation through kindness. The reward is a more truthful understanding of animal intelligence and allows for communication that manifests in shared wellbeing.

We are delighted to share this information with you and to help you discover something that is gently profound yet incredibly strong.


What is the video course?

The most efficient way to learn the Trust Technique for you and the animals you are responsible for

With 22 lessons 83 Topics over 50 hours of content!

Learn the techniques to help you and your animals, with over 250 videos.

Tutorials and examples with:
Horses, Dogs, Cats, Lions and bears

This video course opens your mind to a world of possibilities where animal intelligence can be discovered in an environment of trust and confidence.

Since 2010 James has video recorded all sessions with rescue centres and his private clients. This has created a vast collection of stunning examples of how the Trust Technique works with all types of animals – dogs, horses, cats and even rescued lions. Each video story highlights different problems and how the principles and concepts of this method have been applied. These working examples are accompanied by creative video tutorials which have been designed to teach you this method with ease, breaking each concept down into practical exercises for you to do with your animals.  Making this powerful technique available for you at home anytime, no matter how busy your schedule!



James and Shelley donate their time to teach rescue staff this method. The examples in the video course feature Dogs, Horses, Cats, Lions and Bears



Detailed and fun tutorials which are simple to do and very beautiful to share with your animals. Experience is everything and this is where yours starts!



The video course covers numerous home visits, helping animals and people with the Trust Technique. These examples include Dogs, Horses and Cats.

This is the perfect way for you to discover the many concepts and principles of the Trust Technique and then share this with your own animals.


Membership Content

The video course is laid out in sections, in total there are currently over 250 videos. Each section has a number of different tutorials and working sessions with different animals. You will find Horses, Dogs, Cats, Lions and Bears all being helped with the Trust Technique. The tutorials give very clear exercises so that you can start using the Trust Technique with your animal within the first hour. The animal sessions are either working and helping rescued animals or private consultations with James’ clients.


Membership Benefits

  • A simple way to find and stay in the present moment
  • How to deliver the present moment to your animal and give them peace of mind
  • How to create an intuitive listening environment between you and any animal
  • How to change deep feared conditions and help your animal change long term
  • How to let go of your own painful past and create a peaceful future with the Trust Technique for people
  • Animal Communication, how to accurately pick up and deliver feelings from and to your animals
  • Understanding and finding peace with animal bereavement
  • Discover a powerful method of animal healing.
  • Examples with horses, dogs, cats, lions and bears
  • And so much more...

Lifetime Membership

  • Opens all 22 sections instantly, currently over 250 videos
  • Opens all future content, for life!
  • Be the first to view new content
  • Continued membership opens all future content
  • Follow the technique as it unfolds
  • Examples with horses, dogs, cats, lions and bears
  • Ask Questions
  • Forum access
  • Prerequisite for TT Practitioners, clinics and consultations
  • Know that your contribution is helping animals worldwide
  • And so much more

Trust Technique Practitioners

The video course is the prerequisite to enrolling on the Trust Technique Practitioner Qualification


Video Tour

What do our members say?


I continue to be overwhelmed with awe at the depth and healing potential of this work and the inspired insight of James French. I truly feel it is a genuine light in our world and awakens the spirit of cpmpassion and connection which is so needed now, Dare I say, it could save us all.
The animals have such innate wisdom to teach us if only we have ears to hear and eyes to see. In the video course I am learning that miracles happen in evertday lives and that this peace can be taught and shared between humans and withanimals . I am eternally grateful to have discovered this as it has fullfilled a longing I have had in my heart for as long as I can remember and almost stopped believing in. There is so much amazing content in the videos, tutorials and exercises which are literally changing and healing my life and expanding my sense of faith and hope in a saner and gentler world.
Thank you James and thank you, Shelley for all your hard work and committment to share this work andmake this form of transformation possible for us all. I can't think of anything more valuable I would want to support or be a part of. Thank you!!


Loved this course. Learned a lot about the Trust Techniques as well as how to communicate with animals. In this course I also learned more about myself, and my relationships with animals. I learned more about their culture and how to be respectful when I have the privilege of being in their presence.
Thank you for all the effort and time that you put in to help these incredible beings!


It's hard to put into words. My gratitude and appreciation to have met James & Shelley and part take in continual learning which personally influence my relationships with animals and humans. It involves continuing practice on one's self, bringing the present moment into daily life, not only while together with others, but with one's inner being. This is not a traditional school, James shares his experiences with great dedication to bring awareness to everyone. "I have a dream that animals be treated with mindful regard". Thank you J&S. Cindy, located in Switzerland


For all my life, I dreamed about a deep relationship with a horse. When I bought my horse, it took me another 2 years to really start to listen to him - and all I heard was "no". I read books, I watched videos, I started to understand what I was doing wrong, I listened harder to him, but the " No" only got louder.
Until I started the Video course. For the first time, I feel a tender connection growing between us, and it is one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. James and Shelly, I am so infinitely grateful to you for this amzing gift. I'm still in the middle of the video course and I know what I'm experiencing at the moment is only the beginning, but I now have confidence, that all will be good. My whole life has changed. Thank you.

Janet Ball

Amazing, mind blowing and enlightening. The Trust Technique has enabled me to develop a deep connection with my horses. Creating trust, harmony and respect. Thank you.