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The best way to learn all the techniques for your personal use
60 hours of videos clearly sharing how to increase trust and confidence in both you and your animals’ lives.

Tutorials & Case Studies
with horses, dogs, cats, lions and bears

A life changing video course!

This video course opens your mind to a world of possibilities where animal intelligence can be discovered in an environment of trust and confidence.

Since 2010, James has video recorded all sessions with rescue centres and his private clients. This has created a vast collection of stunning examples of how the Trust Technique works with all types of animals – dogs, horses, cats, lions and even rescued bears.

Each video story highlights different problems and how the principles and concepts of this method have been applied. These working examples, are accompanied by creative video tutorials which have been designed to teach you this method with ease. Breaking each concept down into practical exercises for you to do with your animals.  Making this powerful technique available for you, to use at home anytime, no matter how busy your schedule!

"This course is one of the most valuable things I have ever watched in my life. It not only helps me to help my furry friends, it also helps to understand more about who and what we all really are. The sharing of feelings, thoughts and being among all of us, humans, animals, is such an amazing gift. I remind myself daily to share the right feelings with others and not the wrong ones. I love to be able to give more peace to any animal or human, including myself. James and Shelley and everyone participating: A huge THANK YOU from my part. What you do really changes the world. I wish, everybody would follow the course and live what it teaches. Lots of love and gratitude for your amazing, kind, wonderful work"

Inspired possibilities with kindness!

The Trust Technique ® is based on the premise that you and your animals share and react to micro feelings. When there is over-thinking it creates strong emotional feelings. This makes it difficult to understand or connect with each other and can have a negative impact on the relationship. Over-thinking is one of the main causes for so called “behavioural problems” in both animals and people!

This mindful practice is shared between you and your animals and is the opposite to over-thinking. The new connection builds a core bond of trust and confidence in each other, which can then be developed well beyond any problems. When the relationship shifts from fear to trust, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning.

A peaceful authentic state of being that promotes cooperation through kindness. The reward, is a more truthful understanding of animal intelligence and allows for communication that manifests in shared wellbeing.

Course structure

The video course is laid out in sections, in total there are currently over 250 videos. Each section has a number of different tutorials and working sessions with different animals. You will find Horses, Dogs, Cats, Lions and Bears all being helped with the Trust Technique. The tutorials give very clear exercises so that you can start using the Trust Technique with your animal within the first hour. The animal sessions are either working and helping rescued animals or private consultations with James’ clients.

This is the perfect way for you to discover the many concepts and principles of the Trust Technique and then share this practically with your own animals.

James teaches you on a one to one level, sharing his intimate and personal experiences of working with clients and rescue centre animals. Imagine being able to connect to this information when you need it! The course plays on all devices, so you can watch with your horse in the field!

The course is really well laid out, layering information by introducing a topic and returning to it so you can really “get” it. I have been using this course in preparation for taking on a highly sensitive rescue dog – which has been a process over several months. In the meantime, our Beagle, along with all of us, has been reaping the benefits of receiving TT and our new Rescue arrived 5 days ago. I have been doing 3 x 10ish mins a day and he is already a much more chilled out dog. I sent a video of him to his foster home and she literally burst into tears saying she had never seen him so relaxed and at peace. I can’t recommend this course highly enough, it just makes everyone in the family more gentle and thoughtful.


James and Shelley donate their time to teach rescue staff this method. The examples in the video course feature Dogs, Horses, Cats, Lions and Bears


The video course covers numerous home visits, helping animals and people with the Trust Technique. These examples include Dogs, Horses and Cats.


Detailed and fun tutorials which are simple to do and very beautiful to share with your animals. Experience is everything and this is where yours starts!

Course Benefits

The Trust Technique is not just for helping your animal who has problems! It is a combination of both communication and healing that will benefit you as much as them. 

At the beginning it may be that you need to help them find trust and confidence and this soon develops to deepened states of connection and communication.

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Questions & Answers

We believe that it works with all sentient beings. Not that we have worked with all the different animals on the planet :) We have worked with horses, dogs, cats, lions, bears and numerous types of farm animals.

The Trust Technique was developed to help the sensitive animals that the other approaches have not been able to help. Because the animals’ opinion is fully regarded it means that the animal is not placed in a position to be pressured. This then helps them trust and build confidence in you.

The Messages Of Trust
This is the introduction course.
The Trust Technique Video Course 
This is the online foundation course. This teaches you all of the techniques themselves and contains over 50 hours of video tutorials and case studies with horses, dogs, cats, lions and bears
The Trust Technique Practitioner online qualification
This is a 2 year (part-time) Ofqual level 3 diploma, for those wishing to have a career in helping people and animals.
Animal Communication Audio Set
Teaching the very natural skill of animal communication
We also have a number of in-person workshops we teach in Europe, America and Australia

It can really help!
The Trust Technique takes your relationship to the next level. Building a deeper connection and showing clearly how to share the true spirit of co-operation

Yes because this is the relationship underneath the actions we do. Will it change what you do? This we can not answer. Will it change HOW you do? Most definitely.

Please contact us and we will be delighted to help you

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All Reviews

Diane Laes

I have Frosty, a 25 year old white shetland pony. His left eye is brown and the right eye is blue.
In 2013 he developed laminitis. 3 vets said to put him to sleep. I decided to help him continue. He did not look like he wanted to “leave” so we dug in and did our best to keep him going. He recovered.
Over the past 10 years Frosty had his ups and downs and some very long level periods of decent health.
When I arrive daily at his stall, he is normally standing up, head is over his half door, he nickers, wants his carrot then wants out of the stall when the carrot is gone.
This past November, two days before Thanksgiving, I arrived at the barn and he was down in his stall and appeared mentally gone.
He had rapid breathing with long non breathing pauses and weird whole body twitches at times. Frost is a boarded horse and the barn owner thought it was time to PUT HIM DOWN!. I sat next to him and watched awhile. I decided to try Quantum Energetics repairs (a type of energy work I do) to see if he would come out of whatever was causing him to appear as though he was on the way out. His kidneys were insufficient and his vagus nerve was inflamed. He required just two repairs, 1 for the kidneys and 1 for the vagus nerve. The repairs worked!
I observed him for about 10 minutes, and watched his eyes open and the lights were on again! He looked at me, shook his head, looked left and right as though to say, “where the heck was I when you arrived?!!” He then stood up and shook himself off then proceeded to whip open his stall door and wobbled his way outside.
Here is where the Trust Technique comes in. I had just started to practice the technique I had learned online. Frosty provided an opportunity for more practice and amazement. He was weak for a few days after he skipped his “check out time”. He wanted to stay in his stall more rather than go walk about the farm grounds. So, I sat in his stall with him and practiced “staring”. WELL, he responded to it! He slowly nodded off, then he lay prone and went into a deep asleep. We did this at about 2 o’clock for three days. After the third day in a row of it, he was back to his usual routine of greeting and going out to wander the farm grounds, visiting with the mares and his stallion buddies once again from his side of the fence. Now, he will lie down to signal he wants to do the Trust Technique rather than go outside, so we sit in his stall to stare and he snoozes. I should mention that Frosty has his own cat named Iris. She is white also. She sleeps under his manger in his stall. The first day we did the stare for Frost after his short lived unwell episode, she crawled out and sat on my ankles and purred the whole time with her eyes closed. Another cat, a wild tom cat new to the barn, happened to pass by the open stall door. He stopped, looked in, then walked in and looked up at my face then at the purring Iris. He crawled into my lap and began doing flips until I petted him then let him stay on my lap. He too began to purr. Then 3 other cats came into the stall and lay on opposite sides of Frosty purring. I was amazed and pleased with my cat buddies! We all sat there with Frost for about 2 hours doing on and off staring while he lay stretched out deeply snoozing, off in some other realm. We continue to do this on the occasional days now when Frost just wants to lay rather than wander the farm . He really seems to get a charge from it which keeps him going to visit his farm friends. I am very surprised by the results for Frosty and so pleased as well!

Susana Arroway

So grateful that I found your technique. The insights I have experience from learning your work go deep within, changing my own expression with life. I knew it was special as it requires the simplest instructions to begin…. Every single person on this planet recognizes their lack at communication. The tools we are offered cause so much grief. This beautiful method….this amazing bag of tools for communication is life changing if you allow…
And it’s really good for animals!! Bless!

Anne-Marie Baker

Awe me and Cleo my cat loved this course, I bought it some months earlier after watching the initial video:
Messages of Trust as I was so touched and moved I wanted to support this gentle, simple yet highly powerful program for the Trust teams future projects so I purchased the next TT Video Course.

Cleo was at her end of life stage and through this program I learned how anxious she was (I thought it was just me) and thinking back she had been over the years, I only wish I paid attention more when I connected with the Trust-Techniques; Message of Trust introduction first time around 2007 ish. Where I could have improved the lives of the other animals I had at the time, I can see where things could have been more peaceful with this practice. Hindsight! Clarity is such a gift…

We had some unforgettable deep moments, between Cleo and I during her final weeks, a closeness on another level, there was such emotion and other beautiful feelings, that I was privileged to feel. Cleo was 18 when she moved on, that last day she slept so soundly and so relaxed, I hadn’t seen her like that for a while (her kidneys was troubling her)

Ive used many many products to release emotions, heal, improve state of mind over the years etc, Reiki is a wonderful tool I enjoy very much, but this is on another level…

Highly recommend it, my own life has improved so much and my focus is now Peace of Mind.

Thank you Trust technique team for bringing this public. Its a true blessing.

Lots of love

Ursula (German living in Geneva Switzerland)

What a wonderful tool to connect and be with the animals. I`ve already had so many touching moments with the horses and donkeys in the shelter I am working as a volunteer. They love being in the Present Moment and I love sharing this moment with them. It makes us immensely happy. Thank you!


I would recommend anyone who cares about animals to take The Trust Technique Video Course. I have learned so much by watching the many varied stories. Tissues were required at times but The Trust Technique is so powerfully healing. Not only has it brought Peace and joy to my little rescues, but it has been such a positive part of my own life through lockdown.

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