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Below is our recommended  journey to gain the best from the Trust Technique

The perfect introduction to the Trust Technique. James the founder shares the deeper insights of what this method represents. Stunning examples and clear understanding on relationship, overcoming problems and inspired possibilities. Making it the perfect series no matter what level you are learning.

The best way to learn the techniques for your personal use. 50 hours of videos clearly sharing how to increase trust and confidence in both yours and your animals lives. This video course opens your mind to a world of possibilities where animal intelligence can be discovered in an environment of trust and confidence.

This qualification provides clear guidelines as to how to deliver The Trust Technique effectively, safely and within the law whilst retaining the original essence of the technique for the ultimate benefit of animals and people. This is a formal Ofqual regulated qualification (Level 3 Diploma).

Enhance Your Journey

Learn more about how to read and interpret the feelings of your animals

Animal Communication made real. Start with the Audio Set and learn 3 different way to practice Animal Communication. Then advance to the Full Animal Communication Suite which also contains interactive videos taken from our live events.


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