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The Messages Of Trust

A unique set of 15 videos containing profound insights into your animal-human relationship

After 15 years of  working with the The Trust Technique. The founder James French shares the deeper understanding and meaning of what this method is and what it represents

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What is the Trust Technique?

The Trust Technique elevates both the person and their animals' connection and communication. This is done within a mindful practice which is shared between the person and the animal. 

In the first stages, this connection builds a core bond of trust and confidence in each other, which can then develop and extend to other areas of their lives. When the relationship shifts from fear to trust, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning.

This method promotes cooperation through kindness. The reward is a more truthful understanding of your animal's intelligence and allows for a new level of communication and shared wellbeing.

We are delighted to share this information with you and to help you discover something that is gently profound yet incredibly strong.


What are the Messages Of Trust?

This set of 15 videos clearly describes the essence of the Trust Technique and its unique view into the animal-human connection.

You will discover the importance of lower thinking levels.


  • How this creates a deeper connection of trust and confidence.
  • How this changes behavioural problems in a really simple and effective way
  • How we can develop trusted co-operation and take your training to a new and exciting level.
  • What this means on a bigger picture for both you and your animals.

Who is this for?

The Messages Of Trust are perfect for those wishing to understand the benefits that this method offers to you and your animals. Highlighting their value of becoming a video course member, the foundation course for learning the techniques.

It is also perfect for those who are already engaged in our courses be this a video course member or the level 3 diploma practitioner.

The information in these videos shares much-needed understandings. Full of practical examples of why supporting our animals with regard and kindness is the future of animal-human work.


Membership Content

3 main messages broken down into 15 easy to follow videos. Total run time 1hr 55 mins.


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The Trust Technique Sponsorship Program

The proceeds from The Messages Of Trust supports The Trust Technique Sponsorship Program. This will help many people and their animals, from pet carers to rescue centres by helping them gain access to the Trust Technique Lifetime Video Course.

What do members say?

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Elaine Turner

Thank you James and Shelley for creating this amazing course, "Messages of Trust", to explain so eloquently the true essence of each of the Principals of the Trust Technique and how they work together. This course speaks to everyone, no matter where they are on their journey with the Trust Technique. It is truly inspiring!


Thank You James and Shelley for such beautiful and poignant Messages of Trust. Truly inspirational for both those new to The Trust Technique and those familiar with it. You have opened the door and shown the way to a truly trusting and cooperative relationship between human and animal in a easy to understand way. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift.


all of it was wonderful and helped answer some questions I had, got me inspired to continue on this journey.
Thank you - love you guys!


A thought provoking intro for those people who haven't come across this way of thinking, and of the mutual benefits and trust that can be shared between animals and humans. Also a good reminder on how to stay on the Trust Technique path! Thank you.


Experiencing the Trust-Technique makes you realize how sophisticated it is on so many levels. Thank You James and Shelley for sharing this treasure so generously! It is so tempting to keep this chest of gold to oneself as a secret. The choice of giving it to us, and even helping us to unlock this chest and share the gold is an action of true kindness that sets an example for all of us who want to be the change we want to see in the world!

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