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Vicki Honer

This introduction has been so helpful in showing me what the Trust Technique is all about and the bonus footage of the lions has inspired me further ,such a heartwarming watch I didn’t want it to end .Just wonderful . This really can change the lives of animals and humans . The videos are very easy to follow and understand and even though I know how important it is just to spend time being fully present without any agenda in mind, on a regular basis ,the Trust Technique has triggered my passion to make even more time in my life for my animals with a deeper understanding . Looking forward now to becoming a life time member , this couldn’t have come at a better time in my life .
Thank you


This is an amazing technique and so kind. love it and want to learn more.

Beatrix Bibaj

I am very happy that i found your webpage


Although I have been familiar with TT for many years, I really enjoyed going through the messages of trust principles again . It was a great reminder of the ethos and reasoning behind the TT

Jacqui Testa

I love this content!.. The messages of trust appeared at a time in my life when I have been looking to deepen the connection I have not only with animals but with myself first. I feel I have naturally been practising mindful regard often when I am in nature and to be able to develop this further to help animals is a beautiful gift to share with them. I find it such a rewarding & healing practise & is so needed right now.. especially with all the I balance that is happening in the world. Coming back to presence within ourselves.. What better gift is there than this! Thankyou Shelley & James for your foresight in putting this course together so that we can all make good use of it in our own & animals lives.. No matter where we all are in the world!.. I am looking forward to exploring the Trust Technique Video Content Course to develop a much deeper understanding & practice of this necessary work xX