Animal Communication

Discover these easy to use, tried and tested methods that open a new perspective on understanding an animal’s emotions.

Animal Communication Suite Upgrade

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Understand how your animal is feeling

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This course is so amazing…I have done an other animal communication course before and read several books about it, however none given such well explained techniques, simple and feasible than James does. I really like that he gives us 3 options to play with and also clear advice how to tackle problems during the communication. It is also great to have the platform to practise on with feedback which I think is most critical to becoem a good animal communicator. Thank You!!!

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This was a wonderful course. Thank you very much! 🙏🍀🐺

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Erika Bear Banwell

I loved this! It is such a great accompaniment to the TT itself and to the psychic work I also study. James is such an amazing communicator and teacher. I really like his method and how he uses the present moment to engage with the animals. There are many animal communicator instructors out there and each one has their own way. James’ way is very unique and oh so simple. What a joy to learn this way 🙂

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Daniela Zirngibl

Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in this wonderful workshop. It moved my heart so much. Thank you Shelley and James

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Hélène Boucher

I can say that this course brought so much understanding and experience through the practices. I love the explanation of different issues encountered which made lots of sense, but definitely things I needed to know , to learn because the subject of AC was so foreign. I absolutely love that the main purpose is to help and to keep that in our awareness. helping the animal or the owner/parent.. Just for that I can see the uniqueness and quality of this training. thank you James and Shelly for your fabulous work at assisting to uplift the world and improve life on the planet.

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