SRWHMG Volunteers

SRWHMG Volunteers

We have been delighted to share with you how to learn the Trust Technique.

This is a page of resources especially for you the SRWHMG volunteers.

This will be a page starts with the talk that we did for you and will also include other videos over time.

It also has an opportunity for you to have the lifetime video course and a huge discount of which we will also donate 25% back to the SRWHMG.

Trust Technique Talk


Your discounted price for the Lifetime Video Course

Something that helps everyone!

This discount for the Trust Technique Video Course (Lifetime Membership) is a great way to help everyone 🙂

For you

You get to learn the Trust Technique with many different animals so that you can elevate the trust between you and your own animals. That you can also help the rescued horses at SRWHMG. The Trust Technique is not just for animals, one of the main areas we work with is to develop trust in the persons’ life with beautiful exercise to help you individually 🙂


It’s the direct work that we can do to help the horses that need trust the most

It’s the way that we can teach, as many of you to carry on with the trust that we start so that the horses get a solid way to become more confident over time

It’s a way that we can raise funds by giving 25% of the funds back towards SRWHMG so far we have raised $1000!

For the Trust Technique

It helps us fund our travel and time to donate this work for you 🙂