Gosh where to start! Thank you so much James and Shelly for providing such a beautiful course. I have learnt such a lot, and loved to see all of the animals that you have both helped to overcome so many traumas. The Trust Technique has been designed to bring peace and harmony to troubled souls – both animal and human, and help develop trusting relationships. The course is very in-depth, with plenty of consultations where we can see the positive effects of mindful regard, creative reaction and trusted cooperation in action. It is invaluable in creating a relationship between the human and animal, and in my humble opinion, everyone should learn how to do this. In my particular case, I plan to open an animal sanctuary, which would not be possible if I did not have a grater understand of working with animals. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has or likes to interact with animals in any way. A must for the greater awakening of humanity.